I’m an instructional technology teacher at Frontier Regional High School in Massachusetts. I have been on educator networks and have come here to explore my reluctance to be a blogger, writer, critic and so on. My interests and motivation for blogging can be described in my first post. I hope to expand this page along with my desire to continue blogging.

I am a life-long resident of the Pioneer Valley. While teaching Spanish I pursued a Master of Education in the area of Instructional Technology. For years I’ve integrated technology in the language lab using a variety of tools and creating multimedia projects. A passion for video grew as did the technology. Learning using video technologies has been a very rewarding experience.

I began my venture into professional video as operations manager at the Bernardston Northfield Community Television for several years.  Following my full-time technology teaching appointment at Frontier Regional School, I became Operations Manager at Frontier Community Television, recently yielding to a less demanding position of Outreach Director. This position allows me to focus on what I enjoy most. I work closely with teachers on developing videos for students. I distribute video equipment and facilitate student involvement in creating, or converting media from various formats. It is that challenge that has helped me to stay ahead on technological advances, uses in education and connecting with the community at large. I have been responsible for producing hundreds of videos, most connecting the school to the community. With a volunteer base, and AV club at the middle/high school, students and community members worked together creating valuable community access content, including — but not limited to — numerous sporting events, concerts, and government meetings with multi-camera mixing live to the community. Live sporting events are a first in our area.

I am a life-long learner exploring all corners of the world of technology. I continue to grow with a recent transformation into the iOS world. Having created Android apps now exploring both platforms has been fun. I am eager to learn more in the area of motion graphics, which is definitely in my future.

There are a variety of locations which you can find out more about me:

YouTube: 775kevmurphy

Vimeo: vimeo.com/kevinmurphy

Professsional YouTube: fcat12deerfield, fcatmedia, masscue, murphyk775, fcat.tv/videos

Frontier Regional School video site:http://www.frsdtube.frsd.deerfield.ma.us/users/murphyk/videos/public




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