Google Drive Scripts for Education: Add-Ons for a Healthy Classroom Workflow

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 6.47.44 PMI’ve been waiting for the right tool to commit to for classroom management and assessment. I’ve tried several teaching tools and quiz apps online. Each time, I’ve reserved my commitment level thinking that soon the app may go away. I did not like to have many logins for me or my students. Wading through Quia, Quiz Star , Ning and Edmodo, I finally found one I could sink my teeth into. By far my favorite app isn’t an app, but rather a platform inclusive of many apps online filled with a vibrant community of teacher developers. Google Apps not only provides the one-stop, one-login solution for all my teaching needs, I discovered that hidden underground are scripts or now called Add-Ons which allow for a healthy workflow. The menu of Apps Scripts, which was recently rebranded as Google Add-Ons, can be found at the top-level menu of Google Docs.

I’ve always been a spreadsheet geek. I’ve always loved to generate content and assessment tools customized to my needs. While at first Excel wasn’t an online tool, over time I created downloadable rubrics and auto-grading quizzes. Within the past few years, Google Drive online has facilitated my spreadsheet use with the addition of forms.

Now I find scripting and an educational community behind it. Add-Ons such as Flubaroo,  Doctopus and Goobric are three great discoveries. With one login to Google, I can distribute, collect, autocorrect or grade with a rubric all student projects and have the information shared instantly back to my students.  I like the direction of Google Add-Ons.

 For more information, go to:

New Visions Cloud Lab



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