Facebook Home? Hey, we need to talk.

 This morning I woke to a facebook sponsored post for Facebook Home.


It is a video announcement for their new launch today. The video was very interesting. Mark Zuckerberg announces to his staff about the launch of the amazing new look for the mobile device (Android only).

What stuck me by the advertisement was that while Zuck was talking to his staff, one of his employees was surfing is Facebook posts on his phone. The employee was ignoring Zuck or partially listening. It is unclear.

UPDATE: On April 14th this was released


This closely resembles how I feel society has changed in recent times. Moreover, in the debate about allowing mobile technologies in schools, It raises concerns for educators. For families, it raises concerns for relationships. We think texting and driving is bad. Are we out of touch?


This picture circled the internet this week



Facebooks new announcement commercial highlights what seems to me like a sickness in our society. Here is another look at social media in our lives. This is their “positive” advertisemt. Our mobile devices “put us in touch with the perople we care about. “


 So the next time someone is ignoring you and sliding their finger across the screen, know they are in touch with the people they care about.

Gone are the days where we interact face to face. Gone are the days when we connect as humans. I am by far a negative nelly when it comes to technology if you know me. But this is not a question of what cool gadgets are and are not. Its about people. Facebook is not Home. The next time you are standing in line at the donut shop see how may people are looking down. Then share this blog reflection with someone. Perhaps we can talk.


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