PowerPoint Online?

Oh yes, the siren and the cash register noises of yesterday are gone. Not many adults do that anymore. When teaching high school students, I emphasize how completely cheesy it is.

I don’t think PowerPoint or slide share is effective tool for online presentations where you are NOT at a web conference. While PowerPoint can have voiceovers, you have to upload a ZIP file to get all your media in. Google docs is nice with YouTube integration, but where is the presenter online? I believe true effective presentation online, when there is not a web conference is a VIDEO. I’ve explored PowerPoint to web video creators. The free versions that I have tried do not have animations. Office 2010 announced their share feature but admit that animations do not work across platforms. Slide share has no animations.

A well done video under 2:30 is an effective delivery of information. Let’s face it. The best of this course were delivered over video. This weeks PowerPoint slides (slideshare) not so exciting. I enjoyed making a PowerPoint to lead a web conference. The web conference tool (Elluminate) did not convert my animations and rearranged the slide order. HOW frustrating. Screen sharing has delays. Nothing beats real-time video uploaded to YouTube.

Don McMillan: Life After Death by PowerPoint


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