The following story I saw first in video format. Consistency is key.

I struggle with this constantly. If I made a no-tolerance policy, it would certainly help these students get the drift. But we don’t. I’m guilty of softening the consequence for plagiarism. It is 20pts on my Rubric. Some really top students have taken 20pts and didn’t care. Kids really need to understand that they will not look “stupid” when they are pulling in resources for their projects, but rather reinforcing their points. It is rare that anyone has a cool fresh idea anymore. It is pretty much out there already. Pessimistic? Maybe. We know from our experiences. We generate and fill in gaps. Do I need to quote the following I heard from a friend of a friend: “Each of may come up with an average of 7 things that will make us millionaires in our lifetime. The problem is we don’t act on them”. Maybe we think that it’s already been done or it is too unachievable with the resources we have. We may not know how to make a patent .

Funny thing, I used to be a Spanish teacher, when my Spanish 2 students were turning in content that was level 3 grammar (innaccurate) yet terribly translated… It was clear to me, and easy to point out to them.

Even then and now, when doing reports, students lazy the citations. It isn’t so much “hey I caught you saying something that wasn’t yours” it is “you didn’t cite anything”. It is almost like they feel they are communicating that they found information and brought it to me without putting thought into it. Like a dog fetching a stick.

No you stole it


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Creakyboards Coldplay


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