Remember the VCR?

Remember when knowing a VCR was the most “techie” skill? As kids growing up with it, we spent a ton of time on that kind of task. Our parents did not.

When teachers at my school tell me they fee “bad” because they don’t know some technology, I remind them that it is all aboput how much time you dedicate to something. Kids today will “play” on the computer. I asked a student the other day, “why do you know so much about hacking a phone?” he said, “it’s because I lie there in my bed afterschool for hours pressing buttons”.

I slowly feel like I’m falling behind the ball on some of the technology. But I remind myself that I have a job, kids, and try to keep excercise into my daily routine.

Kids are knowing technology by the time they spend on it. They may be missing the little corners we find value in them knowing. That is our job.

Boy would I love to spend my days playing with Adobe CS5. Oh, and another to do.. buy an expensive MAC, and PLAY with it.. someday 😦


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