Magic Wand App for Education

I come to school every day with a fresh start, to find out that my fresh start is now, well, not so fresh. There are constantly new and innovative tools and strategies that overwhelm my senses. Following blogs, tweets, and RSS feeds can be cumbersome if when you look around you, you begin to see your loved ones slip away.

What is innovative? What is essential in teaching and learning with technology? Today? How about tomorrow?

What I’m looking for in change in my job is more time and money for Professional Development opportunities. I feel like my teaching life has me “to the bell” with teaching while pressures surmount whether or not we are using the latest and greatest. Do you have The Ipad2? How are you using it in the classroom?

As an Information Technology teacher, I can appreciate new gadgets, but discovery of these require money and time. My school is NOT handing me the technology to learn so that in a few years time I can then teach. What do I do? Do I purchase one for myself? Take some courses, follow blogs, watch/listen to podcasts, review my RSS reader, try out new tools? All of the above requires time and money. Applying for grants also require time.

Maybe I made some poor life choices to place me in a difficult financial position that I have to work a second job in addition to my teaching one. Maybe rather than use my allotment of PD money for association memberships, yearly conferences, and occasional credit courses, that I use that money to purchase $300 Adobe software, a mobile tablet and spend my precious family time online learning about the lives of others.

What I want for my job? I’d like dedicated time for research and development and the tools needed to be deployed before they are “not so fresh”. Curriculum in my discipline needs time to develop. A bigger salary might be a good start.


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