Blogs: A “Rewind Button” on the Timeline of Life

 Started following a personal blog of a new friend . It is an interesting account of the last 6 years or so. A great way to get to know this person. Definitely a first for me in this situation and a positive use of blogs for sure. I have never been up for logging my life that way. Not even in Facebook. But seeing how it is informative for present and future acquaintances, It seems like maybe a good idea.

Let’s say that I’m starting a family, some day, my children might then be able to look back at my life and experience some memories that I have logged. Seems to provide a  bit more than just photos and videos could do. It is a “rewind button” on the timeline of life.

A  self-created video of a jog around her neighborhood  inspired me. Caused me to think a lot about a  blogosphere. I never met anyone who shares so much of their life. I am drawn in to find out more about this person.  I have not ventured this type of blog before. What inspires this person to write? I wonder what my blog “would have been like” had I done the same. Would it be as interesting? How many intimate moments would I have shared? How might others feel had I included them in my posts or left them out? I recall that 50’s show “This is Your Life”. I suppose if you could write yours, what would it look like?

The social strata has taken an even deeper meaning for me today. I approach with an open mind. I know I have taken more of a negative look as of late. Maybe it isn’t so bad??


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