“have a nice day!”

Captain’s “Blog” star date…

 Well so it seems it has been a while since I blogged. Felt the urge today. See,  last night around 10:30 I decided to stop for a quick bite at the Mc D’s. A rarity, but I wanted a quick fill. I ordered, drove to the first window to pay. After the attendant took my debit, swiped my card and handed me the card and receipt I began to drive off. As I reached the end of the parking lot I realized, “hey, I didn’t get my food”. I put her in reverse and returned to the food window. The attendant smiled at me an laughed. As she finalized the contents of my order  I asked, “does this happen often?” “every day, in fact” she responded. “Really?” I asked back, she said, “sure, some times more than once, and sometimes they don’t even come back for their food”. She curled up the top of the bag and handed it to me.  After that I thanked her, she said “have a nice day!”. At 10:30 at night! That is when I felt it was time to write.

I don’t know what has happened to us. I observed the past two years my own life get sucked into countless hours online and at the computer doing my projects. When away from my computer I am often keeping up with my notifications on my phone. Emails, text messages, facebook status updates. IT all seems different than just a couple of years ago. There is a sense of automated functionality in our physical lives. The people we meet day to day, I don’t even know if people know how to remember names?

Feeling burnt out, In my own life, I struggle to stay afloat. When I do not get to an email right away, I feel guilty and the recipient questions why I have been delayed. I feel the backside of my neck stretch with a slight burning sensation as I look down and swipe my screen for yet another look at my notifications bar.

Yesterday, too, while at my daughter’s swim meet and waiting for her Heat to come up, I sat in a waiting room where other parents had gathered to get away from the noise-filled pool side. There were about 8 of us and two parents had been talking. The rest? well, you guessed it, were peering down at the glow of a new notification… or something like that. I watched as their fingers poked and swiped at the screen like they were trying to remove a speck of dirt or a fly. I resisted. I had been recovering from a very, very busy notifications week. I needed to give it a rest.  Sadly, while those two parents were talking, one was checking her email and responded with short smirks and one to two word replies. When the other parent felt ignored, she too opened her phone and began checking in. Another parent in the room was my now Ex-wife. Ironically, this was something I observed her falling into as our marriage crumbled. Even with me checking in about how the kids were doing in my absence, she too was poking away in the now quiet waiting room as she has done for the past two years.

I’m scared of what I’m seeing. Even though I embrace technology, I wonder if we’ve taken a strange turn socially. Sure, we stay connected with people electronically, but have we neglected our physical lives? Well, this is something I need to sort out some more. Perhaps blogging it will help. After all, the online world seems to be where people are listening…


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