Blogging 101

I’ve been reading and reading, engulfing my life in the overwhelming nature of Web 2.0. I’m a technology teacher at a regional high school, have been following many of the regular bloggers, twitters and Facebookers. While I thought about blogging myself, I always held myself back. I never considered myself a writer. When I thought of what I was going to grow up doing, writing didn’t cross my mind. Will this web 2.0 product be gone tomorrow? Will this host fold under the extreme nature of the startup one hit wonders? How will this particular blog entry be rolled to the bottom and perhaps never read by anyone.

I turn to the meta potential of blogging. I realize now the power of reflection. I spent much of my life always doing. I’m the worst at being. Social Networking has been a task for me. I never considered it being a respite. Do I want to open myself to the world? Do I want to engage in social encounters online any more than I already have been? This has been tearing me up inside and I’ve only held onto it.

It has been somewhat selfish of me to read and gather everyone else’s wisdom. Most of my reluctance has been the mere lack of time. I’m constantly working applications to their ends, creating with graphics, video and more. Cable access has become my biggest outlet. I can create for an audience even if my audience may have deleted the channel from their lineup on their remote. YouTube seems a bit disjointed compression has been a new challenge while uploading to Vimeo.

Why am I blogging now? I have a lot to process, reflect on and, well, share. Why share? Do I not want to keep it all to myself? Do I not want to be the know it all? Why would I want to give it away? Is it worth anything? Is it worth anything monetarily? I guess, that If I get it out there, someone will selfishly gain from it and maybe the world will be that much better, incrementally. It’s amazing to think that every word I type may be searched and found, perhaps by accident. From a professional stance, how can I teach technology and not be a blogger? I’ve always found gratifying the process of “doing”; I learn by doing. On the technical end of things, I see how blogs can be transferred from one platform to another with ease. If I have to change my host I can with little hassle. Those discoveries are important to me if nothing else.

Social Networking, if nothing more, is therapeutic. I watch as others in my life embrace social networking as well as almost every student who has entered my class. PBS Frontline’s “Growing Up Digital” inspired me to change. I’m seeing a very powerful shift in socialization and it is WORTH blogging about. What moves me most is how the PTO mother has been feeling excluded from her son’s life. That is a powerful feeling that I’m no stranger to with technology at the root. I grapple with the idea that while we were once phone users and everyone in the house heard at least ½ the conversation and made up the rest. Today, we communicate with individuals in secret and seem to lose touch with our loved ones.

How many parents are in their child’s Facebook? That is a fact that I would be researching if I wasn’t sitting here writing. If I have time, perhaps I’ll return to edit this entry. Heck, If I don’t keep going, I may never return to writing this blog. It is my hope that if a reader of this blog comes back, they will find that answer in a latter entry.  It is important to me, my personal life, my students, their social lives, home lives, and futures. It is important that I gain enough insight so that I may raise my two young children with well informed decisions.

Relationships seem defined by the experiences we share. From the games we play, meals we eat, places we go, the feeling of being alongside another builds a bond. Even TV and movies have been a source for being alongside another individual. Today’s experiences are stranger than ever. Videogames have gone through a period of solitude. New games have gained multiplayer modes. Internet experiences, in the past, have gone through a solitude-like phase and have arrived at a complex social experience.

I’m blogging about the digital social progress and examining the possibilities of social networking in families, communities, nations and the world. I want to begin by blogging my second entry about the 350 global event Internet happening tomorrow, October 15th. To raise awareness, embrace social change and find truth in communication. I have pulled together a group of students who are interested in the cause. WE will be celebrating the day of action by posting a picture of students lined up in the 350 form.


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